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GCIOBA-NA Chairman’s Message

I am extremely grateful to be serving as the Chairman of our great organization this season.

It is an honor to be entrusted with this office, and I look forward to aiding the GCIOBA NA family in our pursuit of continued success. In addition, I want to recognize and applaud the amazing achievements of the last leadership under the Chairmanship of my classmate Adeyinka Adenekan. The new leadership and I are eager to build on their excellent accomplishments.

We have many tasks ahead of us. We will soon complete our membership drive, aid the incorporation of our Canadian old boys’ chapter, and extend the GCIOBA NA association into Mexico. We will soon begin the process of amending our existing constitution, establishing our own foundation, accurately recording the history of our organization from its inception to now and focusing on our goals for the future of our association. Throughout the year, at our various chapter events, we will also be celebrating the 25th year anniversary of the GCIOBA North America Branch; this will be a festive year for all of us. Our celebrations will culminate at the Endo in Detroit, Michigan where we hope that all old boys will attend to bring in the next 25 years like only the old boys can.

We look forward to paving the way for more of our alumni from national and international locations to get involved in our association by attending annual reunions, local picnics and events where we renew fellowship and embrace brotherhood, while further expanding our network so that we may deepen our communal power to impact the lives of those in the GCIOBA NA community. I would like you to join me in looking forward with joy and pride, as we embark on yet another meaningful and impactful year of service, camaraderie and getting involved in the affairs of our association:


We are encouraging all our members to engage in our membership drive initiative by reaching out to all class sets for members in USA, Canada and Mexico as we need to engage all old boys in these areas for networking, mentorship and camaraderie. To this end, we have set up a membership drive committee and we encourage everyone to get involved. As we complete this drive, we will also look to open more chapters.


Our current Constitution was created in 2005. We are in the process of amending this Constitution so that it can more appropriately conform with our current situation. Additionally, we hope the amendments will encourage greater member participation.


Under the GCIOBA NA branch, we plan to create a foundation that is purposed towards coordinating existing projects and new projects that serve our alma mater. This foundation will also coordinate our GCIOBA NA activities by identifying various activities that the branch can embark on to create value for all of our members. These activities include, but are not limited to, networking, mentoring and fundraising.


Our 2022 Fundraising for the GCI Education Foundation was also very successful as we raised over $40,000.00 (Forty thousand dollars). We will continue our Welfare Initiative. Once we complete our membership drive, we will ask for volunteers of old boys who will check up on the older old boys every month, which will be part of our Pilot Welfare Check program for our members that are sick and or bereaved. I am encouraged by the contributions of time and money that I have seen our alumni sow for the next generation of GCI old boys to enjoy their education.


Collection of the $100 annual membership dues is the responsibility of the active chapters and we encourage them to collect the dues from all the members in their chapter by July 2023, we are encouraging all active chapters to reach out to their members. The National Association will reach out to the members that are not in an active chapter for the payment of the annual dues. Payment of this annual dues gives every old boy the right to actively participate in all activities conducted by the Association and keeps each old boy in good standing with the right to vote.


The 2023 Annual Reunion / Endo, which is being hosted by our members in Detroit, Michigan will take place September 22 – 24, 2023 at the Sheraton Detroit Metro Airport. Be sure to save these dates. Detailed registration information shall be provided soon. We hope to see you there. It will be an historic event and celebration.

I would like to thank the new GCIOBA NA leadership team; I am happy to be associated with you and your commitment to our cause. You have “hit the ground running.” I am confident that we shall have a successful term and move our association forward in our goals and objectives.

Very truly yours

Taiwo Demuren January 1973 Set Chairman, GCIOBA-NA